Electronic Log Books (E-Logs)

The never-ending changes in maritime legislation and their relevance for record-keeping on board are our daily business. Therefore, our hardcopies offer the necessary tables and selected information and relevant excerpts from the legislation, which support the user in doing correct entries. Electronic log- and recordbooks (E-Logs) offer a variety of additional options, like extended information, connection with the safety manual, plausibility checks and data evaluation. Anyhow, also entries in E-Logs must comply with regulatory demands such as authorization, data protection and redundancy in order to be approved by administrations as a replacement for traditional hardcopies.

E-Logs Customer Screenshot Formularus-Verlag offers support in development and maintenance of E-Logs and, in particular, regular delivery of the latest changes, tailor-made for the various log books and individual demands with our Change Record Service. For further details just contact us!