Formularus - Our nautical publishing house

Formularus - Our nautical publishing house

National and international logbooks and forms required in maritime shipping have been synonymous with Formularus for years. For decades, the shipping industry relies upon and uses are products. From logbooks about how to handle garbage on board to legal texts on shipping and sailors’ rights. Our books are listed with all major nautical publishers. Our products can also be purchased directly from us.

Our philosophy

We commit ourselves to reliable quality and assure that our products are continually “up to date” meeting the current and future demands. After all, everything needs to work smoothly at sea! Furthermore we can gladly create custom made logbooks for your fleet.

Formularus – Unser Verlag

Our products


Log Books & Forms

Log Books and forms for national and international maritime shipping, for all checks and entries to be performed on board.

Safety on Board

Loose leaf editions from the Ship Safety Division of the BG Verkehr, obligatory on German flag vessels:
Schiffssicherheitsvorschriften, Schiffssicherheitshandbuch (German language only) and Manual of Ship Saftey Service (German/English).



Revised according new regulations


Biofouling Record Book

We offer the new Biofouling Record Book for the control and management of ships’ biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species.

Sewage and Graywater Discharge Record Book

We offer the new Sewage and Graywater Discharge Record Book according the requirements of CFR, Title 33, § 159.

Ballast Water Record Book

We offer the new Ballast Water Record Book according the BWM Convention 2004 (mandatory since September 2017).

Garbage Record Book

For handling of garbage complying with MARPOL Annex V. Part I for all ships, Part I+II for bulk carriers.


Special thanks to Bugsier Reederei, for their friendly assistance during our products foto session.

We print for you!
Stationary papers, brochures etc. we print in high quality at a fair price. Druckerei Moehlke is known for that since 1894.